Blizzard’s Facebook live streaming first impressions

By Alex on August 27, 2016 — 1 min read

Some Thoughts

  • Super easy to set up. Logged in to FB in the app and went for it. App does a great job making sure game is streaming even when you’re alt-tabbed out.
  • Privacy options for me as a person FB account (as opposed to a page) were “friends” or “only me”. I was able to make the stream public using the app on my phone after I started it though.
  • Very minimal but useful settings. Friend let me know that my mic was too quiet and I was able to quickly fix the problem.
  • No way to read comments that I was able to find. Had to pull up the post on my phone and glance at that to read comments. This will probably be a lot better with windowed games like hearthstone.
  • Given that this is a Facebook stream and I had 10 viewers max, it would have been nice to see who was watching. I couldn’t find a way to pull this info up on my phone (where I was reading comments). This will definitely not make sense for big streams with thousands of views, but for regular people it would be nice to see which of their friends is on.
  • I have a lot of respect for Twitch streamers. It’s hard to try to play and think about saying something coherent.

Really fun experience, but I felt some pressure to “be good at the videogame” even though just one person was watching a lot of the time.

(PS. somewhere in the stream I wanted to say Sean Dunne (the director) but I think I said Ryan Dahl (creator of node.js). My brain is weird and I’m sorry)

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